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Welcome to the official website of the NeoTech Solutions Company.

We are pleased with your visit to our website. Our company is a pioneer in the field of information technology and communications specialist in providing integrated IT solutions.


NeoTech Solutions has a creative visionary rely on keeping up with the latest developments and standards and quality controls, also it characterized by its trained qualified creative and professional staff in the field of Computer Science and Information Technology and Communication.


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We are committed to provide distinctive solutions to local market and to cope up with fast continuous development in the technical field around the world.

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Our business relies on establishing strategic relations with our clients covering all the stages from installing software and devices, continuous upgrades, and technical support of provided solutions.

NeoTech Solutions company always works on building relations with top-rated content providers and companies to speedup the business process and provide the best to our consumers via computer and smart phones.

NeoTech Solutions company provides consultancy services and system-integration solutions to help operators and content providers in providing low-cost reliable solutions via well-customized environment to provide their services.

Our Services

Stable, Reliable, Safe, Neotech provide a variety of services for People and Businesses.


NeoTech Solutions company has a team of experienced web developers that is ready to improve, customize, and even create your own website according to your needs.


Bulk SMS is an easy, efficient, and cost-effective solution to advertise your products and services. Bulk SMS enables you to reach your potential customers by specifying the number of messages and subscribers’ categories based on several criteria. The client is provided a protected web interface with account username and password.

MMS Bulk

Bulk MMS is an easy, efficient, and cost-effective solution to advertise your products and services. Bulk MMS makes use of features available in MMS service which means the ability to create rich-content messages including several media types: text, image, audio, and/or video.

WAP Portal

Internet is a great source of information and entertainment. WAP portal enables Internet users to browse the Internet using smart phones on specially-designed pages to match the device capabilities. Several media contents and items have been included to suit most users.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud computing helps users to cut the cost and focus on their core business. Virtualization is the enabling technology as it allows for a physical device to be used / managed as separate virtual devices. For providers, it means more efficient usage. For customers, it means no upfront investment in servers or software licensing.

Network Design

Networks should be designed and built to meet subscriber and operator requirements. There are several layers of planning like: business planning, short and long-term network planning, and operations and maintenance. Once planned and designed, network implementation should be straight-forward.

Security Solutions

Security is a critical part of every IT solution. Security should not be thought of as an add-on to your project/solution. Instead, it should be considered during design phase. However, security layers can still be added whenever needed within a pre-built solution. This is limited by the provided APIs, interfaces, and customizable components.

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Our Solutions

Smart, Scalable, Cost-effective, Neotech is here to meet the growing of Your Business.

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